Quietly finding the formula to successful products.

We are a kick-ass startup studio.


Today's world gives us incredible opportunities to leverage the internet's knowledge. It’s all available online, ready to create delightful products that make our lives more exciting.

Our mission is to use this leverage.

Other experiments:
πŸͺ— Groove.so β†’ Turn music in Instagram videos
πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€ Musli.io β†’ Networking for the music industry
🎞 Highdef.tv β†’ Curated videos, not what you're used to
πŸ—Ί SpotFinder β†’ Find kitesurfing spots worldwide
βš™οΈ googledocstomarkdown.com β†’ Small converter utility

Our unfair advantage? The ability to re-use & quickly repeat what we learn to push the boundaries of creativity. Faster and better.


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